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Wondering what will be the next great watch that you will be enjoying with your friends? Looks like we have got just the right list figured out for you and your pals to enjoy. One of the major effects post a cannabis smoking session is the opening up of the active regions of your brain. And, this is where the magic happens. You are more alert and receptive to things when in this state of mind and this is exactly where our perfect mix of movies comes into place. This is what you need to rent next or maybe download it!

Best cannabis movies to see smoked are as follows:

1) Dude, Where’s My Car?

Released in 2000 starring the dreamy Ashton Kutcher, this thrill movie is one that you would definitely relate to and would also enjoy. The plot revolves around the main lead selling his car to some random person and getting tracked by random space nerds to search for something they know nothing of, pronunciation included. If this one feels like your jam, then go for it!

2) Ted, 2012

For the coming of the age movie watchers who look for something that goes beyond mainstream cinema, this might as well be the movie for you. P.S. You’ve got a fun-loving and talking teddy bear too!

3) Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie, 1980

This is a one of a kind movie that generations tell each other about. You’ve got the best kind of weed jokes to throw around; maybe you’ll even recognize some in circulation. If you are a first timer then might as well see this one as a prep view into what lays ahead.

4) How High, 2001

Might as well throw some rappers, clowns, and better weed jokes into the movie mix and you have got this smoked masterpiece that you would be enjoying. If you are looking beyond the cliché movies based on the same theme then you might definitely find this one interesting given its new take on the subject.

5) This Is The End, 2013

What better way to end your binge with this movie? Trust us when we say this, you’ll be way too stoked by the movie alone.

Hoping you found just the movies that you were looking for. Enjoy a good movie night with your friends and yes you can thank us later!