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Cannabis in the Kitchen: Something Unexpected

Maybe you don’t know this, but marijuana is not only something to smoke. People have been eating cannabis for ages, during rituals, medical procedures and meditation sessions. In fact, in ancient (and not-so-ancient) times it was not uncommon to think about marijuana as an ingredient for the most amazing recipes.

Unfortunately, the age of prohibition has been able to erase not only our imagination but also tons of recipes. And the worst part of it is that these recipes were often miraculously healthy. Fortunately enough, some of them survived.

The main marijuana protein, called endestina, has been part of the basic diet of millions of people for centuries. Of course, we are talking about the seeds, which contain very few traces of THC and do not alter the consciousness of the consumer. Basically, everything you do with soy beans can be easily is done with cannabis seeds. Plus, hemp oil contains linoleic and fatty acids that stimulate the immune system. These chemicals protected our ancestors from terrible viral infections and recent studies have suggested they could become a key player in the battle against HIV.

Both male inflorescences and leaves contain low levels of THC. That’s why they can be used in the preparation of healthy foods and drinks. There is no risk whatsoever, because cannabis leaves are among the least toxic among all the leaves existing in nature. Worst case scenario… they might cause a little euphoria and positive energy! Not bad as a side effect.

Indeed, eating cannabis instead of smoking it can be a very good idea. First of all, not everyone likes the idea of smoking. Plus, smoking cannabis has a different effect, which lasts a few hours and it is almost immediate. But if marijuana is eaten, the euphoric state can be stronger and last many hours (and of course cookies and cakes look much better than a joint).

Also, THC gets absorbed much better by our body when it gets dissolved in fat: more pleasure, better taste. However, make sure the marijuana you are using is actually good. Visit and choose the best cannabis you can buy. It doesn’t really matter if you cook it or smoke it: quality comes always first. Why don’t you try today? Introduce cannabis to your kitchen, I can assure you will be pleasantly surprised but its deliciousness.