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There have been several kinds of pots made available for growing marijuana. It would also be dependent on where you grow, and what pots you would use. You would obtain one result or the other. It would be pertinent to mention here that not all pots would be the same. Most of them have unique characteristics that would differentiate them from others such as how the root of the plant grows in them and how airy they are.

Let us delve on the major differences between the various kinds of pots so that which one to make use of for marijuana growing needs.

Foremost, the flowerpots would be classified into two different groups:

  • Plastic flowerpots

  • Fabric flowerpots

You would come across several other kinds of plastic and fabric flowerpots as well. You would be given adequate information on various models so that you could identify the difference between them.

  1. Square plastic flowerpots

They have been deemed of perfect size and shape for growing marijuana. You could grow more plants due to increased space provided. It could be used both indoors and outdoors. They have been relatively deeper and wide.

  1. Aeropot flowerpot

These would help the plant grow secondary roots. The marijuana plant would grow as wide as tall in these pots. These pots have been specifically used for transplanting your marijuana plant outdoors to your garden where you do not want the plant to become easily visible to prying eyes.

  1. Round handled pots

These would be usually used for flowering seasonal outdoor plants or for keeping the mother plant indoors. The marijuana plant would be required to transplant them when they grow out of their smaller pots. The plant should go into the round handled pots when they become oversized for the smaller pots.

  • Cannabis grow bags

The grow bags have gained immense popularity, as they would extremely comfortable and easy to use. You would not be required to clean the bags after use, as it could be thrown and replaced with a new one. They are taller, less wide, round, and elongated that makes them perfect for indoor marijuana growing needs.

  • Fabric flowerpots

Because of being aired out, the roots would be permanently prunes to ensure a lengthy and speedy growth during the flowering period. You could wash them in an old washing machine, dry them, and could be used again.

You should choose the desired fabric flowerpots suitable to your specific marijuana growing needs.