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With the legalization of medical marijuana gaining popularity worldwide, you may often ask yourself, whether legalization of medical marijuana put illegal vendors out of business? It would not be wrong to suggest that legalization of marijuana would definitely put illegal dealers and criminals out of business.

When the government sanctions marijuana to be easily acquired through recognized dispensaries where you would come across good air conditioning and legalized weed displayed at your behest, you would know what you are about to receive and about the potency of the weed as well. There would be no reason left to purchase from someone on the dark alleys near you or the one coming to your home on a bike. Without any reasonable doubt, you would be purchasing illegal marijuana and the contraband the sketchy carrier on the bike could land him and you in big trouble.

Despite the legalization of marijuana in most states of the US and chances of it being legalized across the world, there would be several people preferring to pay the illegal vendors for their marijuana high needs rather than spending money purchasing the stuff from licensed dispensaries. The major reason would be they already being high or they find gambling with their mellow relatively more amusing.

The question to ponder upon would be how to convince people to purchase marijuana from a legalized dispensary than to invest in a friendly neighborhood pot-seller who would be charging relatively lower than the dispensary. The friendly neighborhood pot-seller would have established a long relationship with the pot purchaser. However, is that a valid reason for you to risk your life with illegal weed purchase?

In order to convince the people about purchasing legal marijuana from a recognized dispensary, the dispensaries have lowered the price of marijuana at their stores. That could be convincing for the people to purchase legal marijuana from a recognized store or dispensary. The cannabis would be approved and controlled by the government. The dispensary would test the purity of the cannabis stringently. You should rest assured that it would comprise salmonella or e-coli similar to the pot from the black market. It would be done to eliminate the poop-weed product.

It would be in your best interest to purchase marijuana from a legalized vendor in your local dispensary. They would provide you with high-quality weed at a reasonable price. The product would give you the same high as the one you get from the product purchased from the streets.