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With the pot becoming popular with the people to reduce discomfort, improve mood, and maximize stomach health, it would not be peculiar that you come across marijuana legalization for both hardcore and recreational athletes.
These athletes would be facing grueling, multiple hours of training regimens. As a result, these athletes would resort to marijuana that has not been deemed harmful to the lungs. It would be inclusive of vaporizing, pot based energy bars, edibles, and oils.

Athletes have been known to make use of marijuana or its compounds such as THC or CBD for performance-enhancing needs. These substances have been known to reduce anxiety and enhance the threshold for pain. As a result, the athletes would be able to push themselves hard during workouts.

What would happen if you actually consume marijuana?

The cannabis plant has been known to entail more than 700 chemical compounds. However, the major ingredients have been cannabinoids inclusive of THC. The THC has been known to provide psychoactive effects in the body of the user.
It would be pertinent to mention here that the highest blood concentrations of cannabinoids would occur around three to eight minutes after you inhale as compared to sixty to ninety minutes after you consume weed. The neural effects would commence after twenty minutes and increase within two to four hours.

How marijuana consumption affects the performance of athletes?

It has been a fact that ingesting or smoking marijuana tends to decrease the reaction time. It would also help in disrupting the perception and hand-eye coordination, and divides the attention. It would not be wrong to suggest that these kinds of effects could last up to 36 hours after marijuana consumption.

You should also be made aware that the performance would be increased significantly. Smoking marijuana increased the flow of blood in various regions of the brain. It appears that the brain would engage in a considerable flow of blood shifting to specific regions when under the influence of marijuana. The result would numbness of pain for athletes to get through hard training sessions.

Marijuana to affect the growth of muscles

You may use marijuana prior to standard and boring lifting session where you have adequate knowledge of the different movements inside out. Do you think marijuana would hamper muscle building? Despite several obstinate bloggers would be insisting on marijuana diminishing the power or increasing your gains, the answer has not been actually clear on it.