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Haven’t tried cannabis any time before? It’s always enthusiastic to acquaint with some first-time weed smokers. Frankly speaking, you may enjoy it to the maximum or do not even experience high at all. However, if you really catch some good weed strain and know how to smoke it, then you surely won’t regret the pleasant experience.

Most of the to-be first time stoners struggle to experience high as they consider smoking it like a cigar. As a result, the THC does not get into bloodstream resulting in soberness. People often do not experience high because of never have been exposed to THC substance.

Some people find it hard to smoke or enjoy cannabis high. Here comes the edible weed. It’s easy to get your hands on some edible brownies or cookies. However, one should keep in mind the long-lasting trips of edible THC. Edible THC offers a more intense and powerful high than a smoked one.

First-time stoners may rather prefer a vaporizer which is way smoother compared to smoking bong or pipe. Vaporizer also doesn’t hurt your throat as compared to other means of smoking ganja. So, it’s better to go for a vaporizer if you are looking to get high for the first time.

Cannabis often makes people experience minor dizziness whereas some really spin. First of all, you should choose the right kind of strain. While Sativa offers you a lively trip, Indica will give you a calming effect.

You are entitled to feel a certain amount of increased heart rate, dry mouth with rusty eyes after smoking it for the first time. Well, don’t freak out. This is very common for pot smokers. Hunger is also one of the element to come after you once THC has played its role on your cerebral.

So, gather some good food and soft drinks before you hit for a THC trip. It’s better to avoid inhaling it in an empty stomach. However, one should keep in mind to take a responsible dosage of weed. It will also help you to start slowly and then increase the amount accordingly.

Avoid smoking it in hurry. Rather, try taking some THC in a well-relaxed surrounding so that it gets you the optimum high with a good trip that will get you a good memory. Some music and good food more than enough to carry on the trip. In case you want to reduce the high, black pepper can assist you with that. Cheers to all those first-time smokers!!