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Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla apparently smoke marijuana briefly on camera when being interviewed on podcast. It would be fueling critics about his behavior that has become increasingly erratic and concerning.
It would be pertinent to mention here that Tesla revealed about its chief accounting officer within a month of the job. It would raise further concerns about the leadership stability of the company.

Concerned investors have been driving Tesla shares down approximately 7.7% in pre-market trading to 259.35USD. In the late night interview with Joe Rogan that was streamed live online, Elon Musk took the puff from marijuana inside the tobacco.

Rogan inquired if Elon Musk ever had that before to which Musk replied about having it once before as well. It appeared to be a dubious response from Musk. The major reason for not trying it on regular basis would be due to stockholders. Musk inquired about legality of smoking marijuana. It would be pertinent to mention here that smoking marijuana has been deemed legal under the California Law. However, the federal law would still be considering it a crime.

Critics reveal about Musk’s behavior becoming rather reckless. They were of the opinion that Musk should be running Tesla, as the company has been facing severe pressure for speeding up production of electric vehicle. Critics were of the opinion that public image of Musk concluding in his doubtful claim made on Twitter the previous month about having adequate funds for taking Tesla private. The Securities and Exchange Commission of US has not been probing that statement. However, Musk was quick to backtrack on the stated plan.

Dave Morton, the Chief Accounting Officer of Tesla resigned on Tuesday. In a statement released by Tesla, Morton reveled about level of public attention placing on the company along with the pace in the company exceeding his expectations since his joining Tesla on 6th of August.

The result was Morton reconsidering his future, as he wanted to be clear about strongly believing in Tesla, its future prospects and its mission. He also revealed about him not being in disagreement with financial reporting or leadership of Tesla.
Tesla has been facing intense pressure to succeed. It has faced executive turnover for a significant length of time, specifically to succeed. Musk defended the high pressure scenario as essential to preserve the company.
Representatives of Tesla have not been made immediately available for comment. However, Tesla shares declined approximately $100 after their decision to go private.