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Cannabis Oil is extracted from a peculiar type of cannabis plant named Cannabis Sativa. While other forms of cannabis are solid and usually sold in the same form, it is processed and used as a liquor. To prepare this liquor, a solvent is needed. The solvent can be like ethanol (alcohol), naphtha, petroleum-ether, olive oil. Among these, ethanol has been proved most effective as a solvent for making cannabis oil. But not all types of alcohol can be used in processing cannabis oil. Here, we will discuss two of the most-talked about alcohol solvents- food grade alcohol and rubbing alcohol.

Known by various names, food-grade alcohol is a kind of ethyl-alcohol that is safe for human consumption. The term food-grade is used to distinguish the nondenatured status of ethyl-alcohol. It is made by processing the fermented plants and grains like wheat, barley, corn. For a completely organic procedure, this alcohol is used in edible productions. But it is best known for its presence as a solvent in the extraction of cannabis oil. As cannabis oil is a subject of human consumption, this organic alcohol is used to prepare the oil.

On the other hand, rubbing alcohol is an ethanol-based liquor. But this is not consumable at all despite being ethanol as it consists of bitterants. Also, it is so flammable that it always tends to catch fire. It is made by the entire artifice chemical solution.

So the difference between these two alcohols is very much visible. While food-grade alcohol is all the way naturally prepared, rubbing alcohol is denatured alcohol usually made of chemical reaction of 70% isopropyl alcohol in solid form. And, is used as an antiseptic.

But the tendency to use rubbing oil comes from the fact that it is easily available in the market where we have to put extra effort to get the other solvents. No way rubbing alcohol can be used in the making of cannabis oil. No versions of this isopropyl are good for human health. Only food-grade ethanol or ethyl alcohol can be used in the processing of medical cannabis oil.

Finally, one last thing to demonstrate, with the expansion of the science, Green House has allowed us to cultivate in non-friendly circumstances and even has made possible indoor cultivation. So it is not just making medical cannabis oil at home, we can now plant and plough cannabis for medical use at home. But we need to be conscious about our health and know the genetics of all solvents before we can use them in making medical cannabis oil.