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If your state laws allow you to grow cannabis at home, the next step is to check the norms and the number of plants you can grow at the same time, which is usually between four and six per household. Now, growing marijuana requires considerable effort, and there is significant different how the plant responds to indoor and outdoor environments. Here is a look at the differences.

  1. Ability to control the environment. When you grow cannabis at home within a controlled environment, you have the ability to monitor all the aspects, right from the use of nutrition mix to grow lights and more. Growing cannabis outdoors can be a challenge for a first-timer.
  2. The costs can be high in one case. If you are growing cannabis indoors, the whole setup can require substantial time and money, right from buying soil mix, grow lights, exhaust fans to small equipment like pH meter.
  3. Efforts are different. While growing cannabis indoors, you have to keep a check to ensure that the artificial environment you have created resembles the outdoor settings. Supervision is still necessary when it comes to outdoors, but the overall efforts can be minimized.
  4. Size and other aspects. Marijuana that grows outdoors tends to be taller, and you will have to trim it more frequently. Now, that might not seem like a lot of a difference, but it certainly is one and can influence the output.
  5. Grow time can vary. A lot of people want to ensure that their marijuana cultivation is ready without delay, and if time is an important factor for your personal goals, you should consider an indoor setup, which offers a much better control and reduces the growth time.
  6. Long term expenses can be higher in one case. As far as long-term expenses are concerned, indoor growth requires more investment, because the total environment needs to be in check, and you have to spend substantially on running the lights and other systems. For those who invest in marijuana commercially, labor costs for indoor plantations can be higher.

Consider all those aspects before you decide on growing marijuana. It is best to start small and not spend a lot on creating a big grow area, no matter whether you choose indoors or outdoors. People get it wrong all the time, and it only makes sense that you consider spending less initially. Don’t forget to check the state laws first.