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Since years now people have been indulging into marijuana. And now that it has been legalized in many states, the production is on a hefty speed. And thus people are even finding ways to introduce the same in their mini gardens. But is it possible?

If your state laws permit so, you can easily grow marijuana in your garden or even practice making a nursery for it. It doesn’t require you to buy a big land or invest heavily on the right setup. Here are some tricks which might be of help!

Choose the right strain

If you are looking for positive use of marijuana then growing it in your farm is beneficial only when you choose the right strain. As there are varieties available with their own effects on the consumer, it is only good to look at the purpose and match it with the right strain. You can choose between Cannabis sativa, Cannabis Indica, hybrids etc. Look for exclusive guides on the effects of each strain along with the market that exists for the same.

Picking up the right seeds

Seed selection is crucial to be able to grow quality marijuana. After all it is only wise to invest your time and effort into something that will actually flourish. Pick from the feminized seeds as these are the ones used mostly for recreational use or medications. Also if possible pick from the auto-flowering seeds. Both of the variants can come at a cost higher than the usual seeds but given the growth and yield they are the best options!

Set-up suitable environment

Cannabis is not grown in a relatively heated up environment. It needs a cool place with controlled lighting to best growth. And thus setting up a tent, adjusting the right lights and clearing the space from furniture or tools can be effective way to go about it. Once you are done setting the space properly – you can begin with the plantation process!

Bring up a nice mix

Soil needs to be fertile for marijuana to grow. And so look up for the fertilization needs of the strain you have been planning to plant. Keep handy a water source to be able to give adequate water to the plant and help it grow. The pH value of the water should be close to 7 to be able to best hydrate the plant.

Marijuana plants are prone to grow other weeds around it along with the male counterpart of the plant. As you grow keep cutting down these parts to be able to grow only the feminized plant.
Now that you are ready! Get going with your indoor marijuana studio!