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Cannabis is no different from any other plant when it comes to extra support requirement for better growth. Also, the recent ban on the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers have made natural fertilizers more popular and preferable. Natural fertilizers have proven their worth with successful and satisfying results in the past. Therefore, people find it good to switch to a natural medium rather than waste their effort and money on synthetic fertilizers.

Here we will be suggesting you some good natural fertilizers for cannabis cultivation.

Wood Ash

It has been proved officially that wood ashes are good in preventing pesticides. Especially, wood from broadleaves trees works really great in cultivation. Preparing the ashes is very simple. You should simply collect the ashes as soon as the wood is burnt and store it in a dry place. The best way to use it is to mix it with organic substances.

Banana Tea

Banana tea is a natural product, rich in potassium, and, fortunately, potassium is the major ingredient which is a basic requirement for all stages of growth of cannabis. This is because it helps the plant to absorb starch, sugar, and carbohydrate, which provides energy. It also helps in the construction of carbohydrates, which is required to provide structure and shape to the stems, leaves, and buds. Potassium also enhances the speed of water absorption by the roots and stimulates the guard cells of stomata to open and close regularly. Banana tea is also the source of amino acids required for absorption by the plant which makes it a mineral fertilizer.


The eggshell is believed to reduce the deficiency of calcium in the soil. These are not directly put into the medium and there is a certain process. You should crush around 6-8 eggshells together and add a liter and a half of water to it to aid in digestion. You can also add an aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid to the mixture. After all the additions, you should check the pH level of the solution and maintain it around 5.

Many brands of fertilizers also incorporate nitrogen in the mixture because it is as important as calcium for the plant, especially if it is grown in a hydroponic system. You will be really amazed by the results which come out after you properly plan it and choose a good fertilizer, which actually impacts the plant growth. The three suggestions mentioned above are very useful and you can try using them to observe their effects more closely.