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How long does Marijuana last in your system? Well, Marijuana is one of the safest drugs you can find, being 114 times less harmful than alcohol as per the Scientific Reports journal. Cannabis has now lately been recognized for its wide range of positive health benefits. Having said that, it depends on the amount of dosage an individual consumes.

Marijuana once smoked gets quickly absorbed into the bloodstream resulting in a change of perception and heart rate. Edible ones take a little bit longer to lay its effects. Occasional smokers may get a free pass, but a drug test with regular smokers can result in detection up to more than 77 days, very likely for chronic consumers.

To get away with a drug test, you need to know exactly how the detox remedies work. Most of the detox products look to flush any detectable THC present in the body. Chewable tablets, capsules, drinks, and shampoos occupy the major share of the detox market. Even mouthwashes help to get away with a saliva test.

Detoxes often react adversely making your urine sample look suspicious in case of a drug test. Though, teas and cleansers often help in lowering THC levels in the human body by the diuretic process. The brain behind detoxification is to make you urinate as much as possible.

However, flushing out the kidney can result in the contamination of urine density which can disregard the specimen of the test resulting in re-test. It also alters the share of creatinine levels in urine making you look suspicious before a drug test.

However, the question remains, how long does THC stay in your body? THC can be found in your blood, urine, saliva, fat cells and even in your breath. The time frame for THC to be present in your body depends on factors ranging from metabolism to daily routine exercises including you’re eating habits and body fat share. However, the quantity and frequency of marijuana use form one of the basic factors to fail a drug test.

One study finds traces of Cannabinoid metabolites in urine up to four weeks after the usage. Daily exercises can lower your THC levels from your body fat and blood. Well, it depends actually on how frequently you consume marijuana. Make use of these remedies in the best possible ways.