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Trying to germinate old seeds and cultivate cannabis productively can sometimes be a problem because you may feel that sometimes they have expired. But, that’s not true, you can save those seeds from going into the bin. You might face some problems as there will be a reduction in the absorption capacity of the seeds, due to hardening. To germinate them, you should focus on improving their absorption and you will be good to go!

Here are some useful ways about how you can germinate old seeds.

Soil Germination

This is a very simple method to germinate old seeds. You can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Take your container and fill it with soil till the top. Dump this into another bin or a shopping bag.

  • Pour some amount of reverse osmosis water over it to make it moist to touch.

  • You can mix it with hands after washing them thoroughly or use the disposable vinyl gloves.

  • Pour the mixture into a sanitized container.

  • Make a hole with your finger in the middle of around 0.5 cm in depth.

  • Place the seeds in the hole facing the taproot down and provide a soil cover lightly over it.

  • Pour some water on the new surface.

  • Cover the top of the container with a plastic wrap keeping a gap between the top cover and the soil.

  • Place the setup under proper lighting conditions.

  • The seeds will sprout in 2-7 days.

Paper Towel Method

For this method, you should ensure that the towels don’t dry out and the seeds are kept warm. The seeds will soon start sprouting after which you can transfer them into some other container.

  • Soak the seeds in a container with room temperature.

  • Store in a dark place.

  • In a Tupperware container, put some wet paper towels

  • At the same temperature, transfer the seeds onto them.

  • Put the cover of the container to maintain humidity.

  • The seeds will sprout in 2-4 days.

These two methods are the most commonly used ones in germination because they provide excellent results and are easy to perform. If you want to avoid low germination speed and fungal infection, you should make sure that seeds are kept in favorable environmental conditions to germinate them as fast as possible. Just like a newborn baby, it requires you to nurture them properly with care and attention.