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New growers usually find it difficult to know when it is the right time to harvest a cannabis plant. Cannabis requires regular attention for growth and growers should keep a track of their vegetative and flowering stages to realize the best time for harvesting. The transformations are very minor and require you to monitor them closely. However, it becomes confusing sometimes, especially for newbies and therefore, here are a few tips that will help you.

There are two methods to check when a cannabis flower is ready to be harvested – by the help of a microscope or magnifying glass or through the naked eyes.

The flowers merge with kolas to form trichomes. The aroma of the flower increases depending on the duration of the flowering stage. Working through the naked eye is a good practice for the beginners, but you should use a magnifying glass to observe the trichomes more closely. The trichomes first swell and take the shape of a mushroom. The pistils turn into brown or red color. The trichome also transforms from clear to translucent ending up in amber like color to indicate the ripe stage. These color changes will provide an idea of the maturity of the buds.

Using a microscope or magnifying glass will be really helpful for the growers because they monitor the changes and modifications accurately. This helps to decide the harvesting time more precisely. The correct time for harvesting entirely depends on the personal preference of the grower because some like to harvest early, while others do it very late.

Some growers harvest the plant when trichomes are mostly milky in color while others wait till all of them turn milky. Basically, growers should rely on the trichome state only to discover when it is time for harvesting. The ideal time to harvest according to experts is when almost 70% of trichomes have ripened.

However, this requires a little practice and you will get a hang of it only when you have harvested a couple of them. So, in order to keep things straight, growers who have recently started this task should consider growing one strain at a time. A correct harvest pays off for your hard work and also produces high-quality cannabis. Therefore, it is good to use the tricks and take the steps necessary for implementation as mentioned above.