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Many studies have established the fact that there’s more to marijuana than the obvious ‘high’ effect. No wonder, medical marijuana is now legal in more than 30 states in the US. Before we talk about how you can order medical marijuana, it should be noted that we are just talking about the use of cannabis for medical reasons. Here’s what you need to know about ordering medical marijuana.

Start with state laws

Okay, for starters, cannabis is illegal in the US at the federal level. With that said, most states have legalized medical marijuana, and many have legalized recreational marijuana, as well. Now, first things first, find what your state laws state about cannabis. There are specific medical conditions for which marijuana can be recommended by a physician. Also, it should be noted medical marijuana is same as recreational marijuana as far as content is concerned, except that it is purchased with a prescription.

Next, you need to find clinics and physicians that offers or specializes in offering prescription for medical marijuana. There are definitive guides online that you can check to know more for your state, in particular.

Ordering medical marijuana

If you have a prescription from your physician, ordering medical marijuana is a breeze. There are authorized sellers called dispensaries, from where you can get medical marijuana using the marijuana card. It is obvious that you can only order a limited dose for a given period of time, so check all those aspects when you get the prescription from a physician. Depending on the state you live in, many dispensaries do deliver medical marijuana at home, and that’s a huge advantage, given that cannabis is often recommended for patients dealing with chronic pain. When you have something like that, you can hardly make way for the dispensary near you.

Other things to know

Once you know that you are allowed to access medicinal cannabis, the next step is to understand the different kinds of strains that are available, to understand what may work best for your condition or symptoms. A good idea is to get informed about the strains available, and if you are feeling confused, you can call up the dispensaries to know their recommendations. In short, there are three different strains available – indica, sativa, and hybrids.
Be responsible with medicinal cannabis, because it’s meant for a condition and must be used as recommended by the physician.