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Growing marijuana in your balcony can be a difficult task if you’re living in a neighborhood. But following the right instructions and tips can lead to some excellent results. The best part about your balcony being the growing ground is there’s no need of artificial lighting and if you’re a resident of the monsoon climate, you can save up on water usage as well if you will time your plantation accordingly. So here’s how you can take this forward:

Choose the right pot size and seed

Firstly each marijuana seed is different as it produces a distinct output. You have to be careful of the size, quality, quantity of growth, and its resistance to outer pesticides. Autoflowering feminized seeds can be chosen to fulfill these purposes. Now that the seed is decided, each marijuana plant has a distinct growth size. So picking a pot which is correlated to the growth is very important. Otherwise, it may result in damage to both the plant and the pot. To check the plant size regular trimming of the plant is required to enable faster growth and a stable size. This is done so that it stays within your balcony range.

Nurture the plant well

Like every plant, good care has to be taken of this little plant too. Too much water, sunlight or water may hamper the harvest. However, water is a requisite at all times, especially at the initial or plant generation stage. Just water doesn’t suffice either. To ensure the best harvest the use of pesticides is also a must.

Harvest at the appropriate time

Even if you have followed all the above steps in the correct manner with the fullest caution and care, keeping track of the harvest time is very important. If you harvest it too quickly, the best results cannot be expected. The plant has to be harvested when the pistils take color.

The optimum time of harvest is when the buds take a brownish shade. The later it is harvested, the better its effect. Harvest can also take place when the pistils are white. It greatly depends on the expected effect. A more subtle result is possible when the color is still white but a stronger effect can be attained only if the harvest is brown colored.

Post this process, the marijuana pistils are placed for drying in the dark and kept in plastic containers. If the entire process is not followed thoroughly, the result may not be as satisfactory as expected. So make sure everything you do is in sync with the necessary steps.