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Healthy roots would help you seek abundant harvests. However, indoor growers would not always be able to provide the root system of the plants the desired attention it deserves.

As the roots would mostly be hidden from the view of the horticulturist, they could often be forgotten. A horticulturist would emphasize on their energy on making the root system of the plant thrive. It would usually offer better yields and fewer problems overall. There have been a couple of ways for an indoor grower to stimulate the root growth along with maintaining a healthy root mass.

Do plants need oxygen?

Similar to other organisms, plants also require oxygen for performing cellular respiration.

Roots have been known to grow similar to other parts of the plants. However, they would be under the soil or may be contained in a hydroponic system. They would not be exposed to the light. As a result, they would not be able to photosynthesize. Rather, they would gain energy for growing through cellular respiration requiring oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. This has been the major reason why the root mass of the plant should be exposed to some form of oxygen.

How to enhance oxygen supply in the soil-root system

In order to enhance the oxygen capacity of the soil, you could add various kinds of soil amendments. It would also be inclusive of porous substances that could considerably enhance the ability of the soil to harbor oxygen.

It would not be wrong to suggest that indoor growers could consider adding more aeration amendments to the soil mix. You should rest assured that aerated soil would cater you with two major benefits.

  • Foremost, well-aerated soil would enhance the ability of the soil to hold oxygen. It would provide the root system of the plant with all the requisite oxygen it needs to grow and flourish.

  • Secondly, well-aerated soil would require frequent watering. It would provide the indoor horticulturist with a chance to implement a relatively more aggressive feeding regime.

Increasing oxygen for roots in a hydroponic system

It has been deemed of great importance that in a hydroponic system, the emphasis should be on the temperature of the nutrient solution along with mechanical aeration. The nutrient solution would be contained in a reservoir. It would need mechanical aeration. Air pumps or submersible pumps would inject air into the reservoir. It would be the best method to replenish the dissolved oxygen.