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Find below few important steps for growing marijuana at home.

Step One – Locating a space

The initial step would be to locate an ideal space for your marijuana growing needs. It would usually require a room having a window or an exhaust for ventilation. In case, you were looking forward to growing marijuana in warm climatic conditions, you would be required to make use of adequate space having built-in air conditioning. It would be imperative for keeping your plants cool during warmer days. It would be pertinent that you install fans to draw out warm air and draw cooler air in.

You should consider the kind of exhaust fans to be used for appropriate negative pressure.

Step two – Installation of garden lighting

The second step would entail installation of garden lighting. In case, the temperature and space is not an issue, it would be recommended that you should make use of standard high-pressure sodium lighting (HPS). Based on the shape of the light, you would require at least 4-5 feet of height from the top of your canopy to the ceiling for having enough room for the ballast or light to fit. It would be an imperative aspect to consider, lest you would be risking burning your marijuana plants.

In addition, you should ensure to make use of appropriate wattage based on the size of your marijuana growing space.

Step three – System and medium type

You would be required to determine the kind of medium to be used along with how to grow your plants. Unless you have adequate experience of being a cultivator, you should make use of potting soil along with light organic nutrient solution would be your best bet.

It would be pertinent to ensure soil has been decently aerated. It implies locating a brand that encompasses adequate perlite in it. It would be pertinent to mention here that perlite would open up the dirt to allow more air to pass to the roots. It would also prevent in formation of muddy pool.

Step four – seeds, genetics and clones

You would be given the option of growing cannabis through seeds, genetically and clones. However, seeds are the best option for growing cannabis in your home.

Step five – drying the cannabis plant

In order to dry the plant, you would be required to cut down the plant and hang it upside down in the same tent where it was grown for at least 5-7 days. Once the stem starts to snap, it would be time to reap the benefits of the harvest.