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Several states across the US have legalized medical marijuana. While recreational use of marijuana has been deemed controversial, several people would agree to the legalization of marijuana for medical usage.

Ill-effects of excessive marijuana usage

You should rest assured that benefits of smoking marijuana have been overstated by people in favor of medical marijuana legalization; the latest legislation would assist the researchers to study the medicinal use of the drug. They would also be able to understand the impact of medical marijuana on the body of the user.

You should rest assured that there would be several negative effects of smoking pot excessively or making use of it in a non-medicinal purpose. When you actually abuse or overuse marijuana, chances are higher than you would grow dependency on marijuana. It would hamper your emotions and memory.

Active chemicals in marijuana

There have been two active chemicals in marijuana. These have been believed to be offering various kinds of medicinal application to the user.
The foremost would be cannabidiol or CBD. It would impact the brain without getting you high.

The second chemical would be tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. It has been known to relieve the user from various kinds of aches and pains.

It would also be imperative to remember that the aforementioned benefits could also be achieved by consuming THC pills, dronabinol. It would not be wrong to suggest that it has been deemed a better and effective mode to seek relief from aches and pains than smoking marijuana.

Benefits offered by medical marijuana

Find below some of the essential benefits offered by smoking medical marijuana.

  • Helps in treating glaucoma

Medical marijuana could be used for treating and prevention of a kind of eye disease, glaucoma. The disease would increase the pressure in the eyeball while damaging the optic nerve along with causing the loss of vision. The medicinal use of marijuana could slow the progression of the disease and prevent blindness.

  • Helps improving lung health

Several studies revealed that tobacco smokers lost their lung functionality with the passage of time. However, users of marijuana actually showed signs of increased lung functionality and capacity. There are chances that increased lung capacity has been due to deep breaths taken by marijuana user to inhale the drug rather than the benefits offered by a therapeutic chemical in the drug.

  • Helps in reducing anxiety disorders

The drug would help you relieve pain and suppress nausea.

These have been some of the few essential benefits offered by medical marijuana usage.