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When it comes to marijuana, the controversies are unending. Everyone has his own opinion and it seems that most of the people want to share what they have to say. The thing is, this plant is probably the most controversial plant on earth. The reason is it has extreme effects.

Yes, you can indeed say that this plant has exponential effects. When used in an abusive manner, this can cause gruesome adverse effects. However, when used medically, it can also offer relief even to the most serious health complications like even the deadly cancer at that.

This is why it is not easy for every government to decide whether this should be legalized or not.
This article though will offer valid reasons why this should be allowed to be used medically though. Here they are:


Though this is not the most plausible reason, but for democratic countries, they say this should be permitted as a support of being in a country that is supposed to give people the freedom to choose what they want to do. They will just be put behind bars when the time comes they will abuse their freedom.


For the cannabis enthusiasts, they find it unfair that alcoholic beverages are allowed when they can also cause almost the same effects, yet cannabis are not. It seems that tue government is not consistent with their imposed laws.

Not fatal

Yes, this is the claims of many as this plant is far from being fatal. As a matter of fact, it is not like tobacco and alcohol where they can really cause serious illnesses. There was never a time when this plant directly caused death to anybody.

Not addictive

Contrary to what most people believe, cannabis is actually not addictive. It is in fact tobacco and alcoholic drinks that are addictive, according to a US surgeon. At the same time, it cannot cause dependence as well like when you will be burdened of you can’t have it.

Does not generate violence

It actually does not induce violence which you can’t say the same with alcohol. It cannot cause aggressiveness to the user. You will be more likely hurt someone because of alcohol than because of marijuana.

There are still a lot of reasons why cannabis or marijuana should be legalized. It all mainly depends on the person if he is really a problematic one and not because of marijuana that sometimes, problems occur.