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Regardless of you agreeing to the explanation given for the prohibition of marijuana, it would be a reality that there have been two sides to the discussion.

Find below few essential aspects that talk in favor of legalizing marijuana across the world.

  • Can the government actually enforce marijuana laws?

Why do you think there are laws prevalent in society? The major reason for laws to exist would be to protect the people from harming themselves and others. Therefore, the making of marijuana laws has been a step to prevent people from harming their health and causing harm to the culture. However, laws made to secure the people from inflicting self-harm could be based on sound reasoning. Such laws would imply that government knows what is best for you. It would be pertinent to mention here that nothing good has ever come with that.

  • Prohibition of marijuana has been deemed expensive

There have been facts about marijuana prohibition laws being expensive to the state and the nation every year. Therefore, the advocates of marijuana legalization would insist on the legalization of the drug to save a significant amount to the state and the nation every year.

  • Marijuana prohibition law has been deemed cruel

You do not have to search hard to look for instances where marijuana prohibition laws have destroyed several lives. The government has made several arrests for possession of marijuana over the past couple of years. As a result, the new convicts have been made to be away from their jobs and families. They would be pushed into the prison system and transformed into hardened criminals from simply being first-time offenders.

  • Difficult in enforcing marijuana prohibition laws consistently

Year by year, a significant number of first-time marijuana users have been on the rise. A majority of them would not be arrested for marijuana consumption. However, only a small percentage of marijuana users, mostly the low-income group would be arrested for illegal marijuana possession and consumption. In event of the aim of marijuana prohibition law being actual prevention of illegal marijuana use instead of driving it underground, chances are higher the cost would be exorbitant. It would be a failure from the law enforcement perspective.

  • Tax benefits of legalizing marijuana

It would not be wrong to suggest that legalization of marijuana consumption would result in providing significant tax benefits to the state and the nation. It would be a considerable source of revenue generated by the state taking into consideration the increasing demand for the drug.