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Prior to you getting into the difference between feminized and regular seeds, it would be pertinent to mention here that you should understand the essential differences between the sexes. The marijuana plant could either be male, female, or hermaphroditic.

Male plants, during the flowering stage, would develop oval shaped pollen sacks. The female plants would develop calyxes and pistils. It would catch the pollen for creating the seeds. It has been relatively simple and straightforward. As a result, the male pollen pollinates the female flower that would produce the seeds.

When a marijuana plant would be subjected to stressful conditions, you should rest assured that the survival instinct of the plant tends to kick in. Under these conditions, there would be no possibility of the plant being fertilized anytime soon. Therefore, the plant would start to reproduce with itself. The female plants would start to produce pollen sacks for self-pollination for carrying on the ganja genes. The males would also start to develop calyxes. However, it would be very rare.

Understanding the difference between feminized and regular seeds

The feminized seeds would be created from a female and another female plant. One of the females would be subjected to highly stressful conditions for creating pollen. It would fertilize the other female.

On the other hand, the regular seeds would be created from the male and female plant. The male pollen would fertilize the female for producing seeds. These seeds would be known as regular seeds as they would be produced in a regular natural manner.

The flower of the cannabis plant would be used for their cannabinoid content requirements. It would make the plant highly desirable by a majority of growers. A plethora of marijuana growers would look forward to using feminized marijuana seeds for minimizing the risk of getting a male plant. Nonetheless, the regular seeds would definitely have their own uses.

Should you choose feminized seeds?

You may prefer feminized seeds, as it would be 100% female. Most marijuana enthusiasts would grow marijuana for receiving crystal covered buds. Most growers would worry about pollen. However, you should not worry about male pollination.

Should you choose regular seeds?

Several professionals would prefer regular seeds for growing a marijuana plant. The major reasons would be:

  • Females deriving from regular seeds have been highly qualified to function as mother plants for cloning needs.

  • Better quality of buds

  • Quality of amazing hybrids or crosses with an actual male for female pollination than feminized pollen.

You could make a wise decision based on the information provided.