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The marijuana industry has come a significantly long way in the US. It took almost two decades for marijuana to become a considerable industry in the US.

There were only a few people in the US who supported the legalization of marijuana for compassionate patients in California. During the time, there were several agencies working towards drug abuse in children and adults in the US. However, with the passage of time, there have been a majority of US states that have legalized marijuana use. In addition, other states of the nation have been considering about legalization of marijuana in the coming future.

Reasons why cannabis is not legal in the US

Now that the people of the US have been in favor of marijuana legalization, what is the delay in the legalization of the drug? Let us delve on some of the important aspects.

  • The republicans view

The foremost reason for cannabis still deemed illegal in the US has been the Republicans not looking forward to making the change. Despite there being several categories of people who oppose or have mixed view about cannabis legalization, the senior citizens and Republicans have been opposing the expansion of the drug in the nation.

  • Marijuana is not deemed a political game-changer

You should rest assured that marijuana has not yet become a political game-changer. It has been believed that a huge percentage of respondents would still place their votes in favor of the candidate despite the candidate not sharing a positive view on the legalization of the drug. It would not be wrong to suggest that the politicians should not be worried about being voted out of their office by keeping a pessimistic approach on marijuana legalization.

  • Various concerns pertaining to marijuana legalization

In addition, there have been several steady concerns pertaining to marijuana legalization. These would be inclusive of effect on adolescents gaining access to increased demand and ease of availability of weed. Would there be any considerable impact on the DUI laws? Despite there being loads of prototypes for marijuana breathalyzers presently in development, there has been no demarcation in the laws pertaining to DUI of marijuana and alcohol. It would be a great challenge in the path of marijuana legalization in the US.

These aspects have been a deterrent in the overall legalization of marijuana in the US. It has still been viewed as a Schedule I drug and completely illegal to possess and use.