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With over 9 states in the US legalizing recreational marijuana, things look bright for enthusiastic pot lovers. This also brings us to an important question – Is there any difference between recreational marijuana and medical marijuana in the first place? In this post, we guide you on the basics.

Bursting the bubble

First things first, the best cannabis that’s available with authorized sellers is actually the same for patients and recreational users. However, how you have access to cannabis in the first place may actually differ. Firstly, you need to have a prescription to get medical marijuana using a marijuana card, provided cannabis is legal for medical use in your state. Secondly, if recreational marijuana is legalized in your state, you cannot stock it like crazy. Only an amount, usually ounce, is allowed per person.

Buying marijuana in your state

We highly recommend that you check the state laws related to cannabis in detail. Please note that offences related to marijuana are taken seriously, and you may end up in prison in the worst case! With that said, a person can buy an ounce of cannabis per day at the maximum, and this applies for both recreational and medical needs. This raises an important question – Can you really buy one ounce from each of the dispensaries and get away with it? In case of recreational cannabis, the answer is yes. You can get away with it, but if more than permitted amount of marijuana is found in your possession, things can be really tough. Not all dispensaries selling marijuana have different lines for medical and recreational users, but some have, so keep that in mind while looking for options.

Age and other aspects

In most states where recreational cannabis is legal, it is necessary for a person to be 21 years of age to buy marijuana from an authorized seller. As for medical marijuana, there are also norms, but for states like Nevada, you can get a medical marijuana card regardless of age, as long as you have a valid prescription from a doctor.
If you are new to cannabis, make sure that you check all the relevant aspects of strains before making a choice. Also, it is possible to grow recreational cannabis at home, but usually not more than four to six plants are allowed per household. As with any product that contains parts of the marijuana plant, make sure to use responsibly, regardless of the reason.