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It is common knowledge that the usage of pesticides prevents insects from harboring on your marijuana plants. But some of these insecticides are proven hazardous to the environment and some even end up making the produce inedible. So it is wise to use natural insecticides that are harmless for both the crops and the environment.

Sterilized Soil:

The utilization of used or the easily available ground soil can be very tempting and seem to be the easy way. But the normally available soil contains multiple insects, weeds, molds, lavas and so on. This makes it a very hostile place to grow marijuana. Hence it is better to use sterilized soil. It is possible to sterilize the soil on your own. On heating the soil in an oven up to the temperature of 180 to 190 F, will ensure the riddance of pesticides.

Companion Plants:

In the early stages of growth, the natural pesticide protection which the plant itself offers is not sufficient. Hence, growing some plants beside the marijuana plant as distractions prove very effective. For instance, marigold proves to be a major distraction. Not just marigold, the heavy scent that is enumerated from the basil plant keeps the pests away.

You can also use beans to boost the nitrogen intake of your marijuana plants. Marijuana plants thrive on nitrates and beans plants have the capacity to absorb nitrogen from the air and convert the same to nitrate. All these plants can keep the small pests at bay but large animals are still an issue. So to prevent stampede and half-chewed produces, plantation of chilli peppers prove to be very useful. This also prevents the plants from rotting.

Use Of Predators:

While there are some predators that are very harmful to cannabis, there are also some that are very useful in preventing marijuana plants from getting infected. This category includes ladybugs. If you invest in them, they will allow your marijuana plants to evade lava infestation. Ladybugs adore preying on lava and small insects.

Neem Oil

Bitter in every way, Neem prevents the harboring of insects such as mealy bugs, snails, worms, and even aphids. These insects cannot tolerate its bitter nature hence won’t attempt to come near it. Addition of liquid soap and warm water will make it more effective.

This makes our infestation prevention not just organic but also environment-friendly and leads to perfect plant growth.