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There are some very important soil requirements that you should fulfill in order to support cannabis growth in an efficient manner. The whole process of plantation depends on the pH level of the soil and other conditions. Therefore, it is very essential that pH levels are maintained throughout the growth duration of cannabis.

Ideal pH Level for Growing Cannabis in Soil

pH level should be maintained around 6.5-7 when growing cannabis in the soil. Maintenance is a little complex because whenever you add anything to the soil, it changes its nature. You have to keep a check regularly for the amount that is added. For example, fertilizers result in low pH and make the soil more acidic and extreme amounts can hurt the plant by destroying its leaves.

Ideal pH Level for Growing Cannabis in Coconut

Coco coir is a very good alternative for growing cannabis because it is simpler than the other methods. Being a natural product, it is very eco-friendly and harmless to the environment. It is sold just like soil and is reusable. The pH level it supports for good growth of cannabis is a neutral value between 5.2 – 6.8. One big advantage of coco coir is that it promotes the growth of bacteria which is really beneficial for the plant. However, some growers add perlite and clay pebbles to coco coir to get amazing results. The results were so satisfying that now the mix is readily available in the market to buy.

Ideal pH Level for Growing Cannabis in A Hydroponic System

To boost the growth of cannabis plants, pH level in a hydroponic system is an important factor to consider. You should be careful when you choose a hydroponic medium because it is claimed that nutrients in such a system automatically balances the pH amount, which may not be true in all cases. You should check it regularly for even small variation in the composition of the medium. For a hydro medium, cannabis demand a slightly acidic environment with pH ranging between 5.5 – 6.5.

The testing of pH value is very easy, but the process is slightly different when it comes to soil or hydroponic medium. There are readymade testers available today like Jellas pH meter which makes it more convenient for you.