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If it is legal in your state to grow marijuana at home for medical or recreational purposes, you can take a shot at it. Growing marijuana doesn’t have to be about having a big yard. All you need is a room that’s dedicated to the plants with the right setup. Here are the things you can do to grow cannabis indoors.

  1. Start with the purpose. Why are you growing cannabis in the first place? If this is for medical purposes, you have to consider the strains carefully. There are three choices mainly – Indica, Sativa, and hybrids, and you can check online guides to find more on each.
  2. Get the right seeds. Consider auto-flowering plants if you can, and if possible, go for feminized seeds, which can be expensive but are worth considering as the yield is considerably high.
  3. Clear the room and set up the grow tent. You need to get a grow tent for the setup, and make sure that the room you have selected is clear. Do not have furniture and carpets around, so that the rest of the setup gets easier.
  4. Get the lighting done. Make sure that all forms of light are blocked in the room, and get reflective materials for the walls and ceiling. You will also need grow lights that come in all kinds of options. LEDs can be expensive but are worth considering. Metal halide lights are also a good choice. Also, invest in an electrical timer, which will control the lights.
  5.  Keep a tab on water and soil. You can easily find grow mixes in the market, so check for that. Many people also don’t realize the importance of having the right pH in water, which should be close to 7 if possible.

About growing marijuana

Even when you are using feminized seeds, it is possible for the plants to have male flowers, which must be removed immediately. There are also detailed guides online on how you can choose and germinate needs. Don’t forget to read as much as possible about controlling the environment. With indoor grows, you have to spend a tad more on the initial setup, and get a grow tent, so that you don’t have to dedicate an entire room. Online reviews will help in finding dealers for seeds in your area, so check for that. You can also check the reviews for products like grow lights for help.