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Germination is a process wherein a new plant grows from a seed. Although there are different germination techniques which are followed effectively for different types of plants, the growing technique is more or less the same. With respect to cannabis, germination is popularly known as the popping technique, which is regarded as the initial step towards starting your cannabis garden. Generally, cannabis seeds can be collected from different sources and hence the quality varies majorly. If you are looking for good quality cannabis seeds, then you should look for online seed banks which are generally the best bet in terms of quality.

To germinate cannabis seed in a proper way, three things are needed i.e. water, air, and heat. Hence, there are majorly three techniques which are used to germinate seeds; through napkin, glass, and earth.

Germination Through Napkin

One of the most common yet simplest ways to germinate cannabis is via napkin or paper towels in this method we use napkins which are saturated in water. For this method ingredients required are- two plates, napkins, and seeds.

  • Step 1: Take four napkins and dip them in distilled water. The napkins are supposed to be soaked but should not contain traces of excess water dripping from it.

  • Step 2: Take two napkins and place them gently on the plate and place the seeds over it. Keep in mind to keep a distance of one inch between the seeds. Cover them with the remaining napkins.

  • Step 3: Cover the seed with another plate by flipping it over to create a dark and protected space.

  • Step 4: Store them in warm conditions. Maintain the temperature between 70-90°F.

Germination Through Glass

If you wish to germinate cannabis seeds through this method all you need is glass and water and obviously the seed.

  • Step 1: Soak the cannabis seeds in enzyme enriched water

  • Step 2: Keep it in a warm location

  • Step 3: Wait till you can see tap roots appear in the seed

  • Step 4: Put in the earth area and watch it grow.

  • Step 5: The seedling will grow in about a week after this process is done.

Germination Through Earth

Germination through earth is found to be one of the most common germination techniques for other seeds across the world. This generally saves the seeds from undergoing a transplant shock after the roots are grown.

  • Step 1: Directly place the seed in the earth medium.

  • Step 2: Water the sapling with sufficient exposure to sunlight.

  • Step 3: When it grows further you may transfer it to bigger pots or garden.

These were few of the popular germination techniques which are being used to germinate the cannabis seeds in today’s world. Reach out to us if you have any questions or queries in this regard.