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The process of growing and cutting marijuana is an elaborate one. With the assistance of good study on the process lately, a lot of techniques have been formed to assist in its perfect growth. The initial process includes the selection of the appropriate variety of cannabis. Choosing the right strain will yield a good harvest. The best way to accomplish this is by maintaining a mother plant form whose buds can be cut to clone and grown. The below process is required to be followed if you expect optimum results.

  • Post the selection of the mother plant, the cuttings need to be done from the top of the branches. A balance of NPK content has to be ensured in the plant. To grow the plant in a proper manner, a maximum of 18-litre container can be utilized.

  • The utilization of rooting hormones and root boosters are important. A root buster whose origin is from auxin-rich plant extracts is the best. Such additions will improvise the development of the root of the plant.

  • In order to preserve the clones and the mother plants, a very sharp scalpel should be used. This will ensure precision in cuttings. Not just that, prior to every cutting, the instrument must be disinfected. The suggested material to do the same is alcohol.

  • Post this process, you require a container to store and monitor the growth of your marijuana plants. The suggestive material for the same is glass. The container must be large enough to hold the plant. If you choose a small container, the lack of space will hamper your harvest.

  • To ensure proper growth, an addictive of vitamin B can be used. Along with this, the clones also require a specific temperature to grow. A heat propagator can be used to ensure that it receives the correct temperature. This way you can manipulate the heat to complement the growth. It becomes very useful if you are living in an area which is not suited for growing marijuana plants.

  • The substrate of the plant requires some specific materials and planning in order to ensure the right growth. Rockwool cubes, Peat moss pellets, coco coir are some common solutions to it. Also, to ensure an appropriate level of water, a water sprayer filled with soft water is essential equipment.

So be it cutting, cloning or growing, if the above process is strictly followed the right results can definitely be achieved.