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Understanding the different stages of trichome development has been essential for marijuana growers who have been searching for specific effects. It would assist to determine the best time for harvesting the plant.

While not all marijuana growers would take trichome development seriously, as they may not have the requisite patience to wait a couple of extra days for the highest THC levels. You should rest assured that it has been deemed an important aspect of the harvest. It should not be overlooked in any manner or for any reason.

In the event of you was a marijuana grower searching for insight on when actually to harvest specific strains, the trichomes would be the best indicator. Having gathered the essential information an HD digital camera would be a great tool to check the development of the trichomes.

Different stages of trichome development

There have been usually four stages of trichome development such as Clear, Cloudy, Amber, and Mixed. It would be pertinent to mention here that each of the stages would entail several consequences on the strain effects. It would be great indicators of when you should actually harvest.

  • Clear Trichomes

These would be trichomes that would indicate the plants nearing their highest concentration levels. They have been translucent as the plant would still be producing resin insider the glands and filling them gradually. It would be pertinent to mention here that during this stage the trichomes would not have adequate potency. Therefore, harvesting at this time would produce negative consequences on yield.

  • Cloudy Trichomes

Cloudy trichomes would occur prior to harvest and indicate that cannabinoid levels would reach their maximum. It does not essentially imply that it has been an extremely potent strain with THC levels to knock you off. It would be dependent on various other aspects as well.

  • Amber Trichomes

These have been good indicators for growers. They would produce the heaviest and the best physical effects. It would indicate deteriorating THC levels. Therefore, you should be certain to keep checking them on regular intervals to make sure you harvest at the peak moment for high THC levels.

  • Mixed Trichomes

The hybrid would be different as they would have a combination of effects ranging from 50-50 to 90-10 splits. The best time to harvest would be when the plant would be when 70% of the Trichomes would be cloudy with the remainder starting to turn amber.