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You may come across several different kinds of marijuana. The different types of marijuana would be known by different names. In case, you were you were unaware, the different types of marijuana would appear to you like completely different kinds of drugs. In reality, these have been deemed entirely different from one another in terms of preparation. They would have a similar psychoactive ingredient in them.

It would be pertinent to mention here that potency of marijuana could vary largely from one plant to another. It could also be different from the preparation of one kind to the other. Moreover, the route of administration could largely affect the overall intensity of the effects caused by marijuana. It would be for such reasons; the experience of a single person of consuming marijuana could be entirely different from the other.


It would often be known by the name of pot or weed. It has been deemed an unprocessed form of marijuana. Weed has been common and smoked for attaining THC high. It would be imperative to mention that weed comprises buds and leaves of the female cannabis sativa along with the cannabis indica plants. The only preparation for weed would be to dry the leaves and buds of the plant.

In order to recognize weed, the most distinct feature of weed would be the smell. Weed encompasses a pungent smell that could be easily recognized both while un-burnt and smoked.


Hashish, which is also known as hash would be yet another preparation of marijuana. It has been manufactured from the cannabis sativa or cannabis indica plant resin. The end product would be a solid, oily substance that has been dried to form blocks of hashish.

You would come across several kinds of hashish. It comes in dark brown or almost black color. It could also be available in various shades of brown or dirty yellowish colored substance. The appearance could largely vary from dark and shiny to lighter and dull or matte like substance. It would range from dry and hard to a moist and pliable product.

Hashish oil

The hashish oil also called the hash oil has been the strongest form of marijuana. It has been the least common form of marijuana available in the market. The hashish oil would be available in sealed plastic bags or tiny bottles.

Yet other forms of marijuana would be a marijuana cigarette, marijuana paraphernalia, and marijuana-laced food and drink.