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To Vape or Smoke? That is the Question

With the rise and popularity of vaping some people may be wondering as to whether or not vaping or traditional cannabis smoking is preferable. Before we get into specifics let’s get into what sets vaping apart from traditional cannabis smoking.
Marijuana vaporizers use a low heat to vaporize either cannabis extract or raw cannabis so THC is directly ingested with little to no impurities. This contrasts with traditional smoking which burns the entire cannabis flower (as well as any paper wrapping covering the herb) and the THC as well as the plants other burnt by-products are consumed.

So which one is better? From a health perspective vaping, unlike traditional smoking, doesn’t involve ingesting carcinogens and vaping also delivers a relatively pure stream of THC to the body. Smoking on the other hand involves not only getting the THC but a great deal of tar, and other impurities from the flower and rolling paper like soot, and by extension some nasty carcinogens. Furthermore, since the vaporized THC isn’t super-heated like smoked cannabis vaped smoke doesn’t irritate the lungs either.

Having said all of that there are some downsides to vaping and benefits to traditional smoking. For one smoking isn’t as pure in terms of the THC being ingested at one time and so it’s much easier to gage just how high you are. By contrast vaping makes it much easier to ingest an enormous amount of purified THC in one go and could potentially get someone higher than they were initially expecting. While experienced smokers may consider this to be a benefit, those who are new to the experience may be put off by being far higher than expected, and may suffer from feelings of irrational fear and anxiety.

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