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In case you didn’t know, there are over a hundred different compounds found in the marijuana plant that are clubbed together and called cannabinoid. Each of these cannabinoids have a unique effect on the body, and in the world of medicine, CBD and THC are two compounds that interest researchers and doctors. THC is exactly the same compound that causes the ‘high’ we have learned to associate with cannabis. Another compound that has recently gained enough exposure is CBN, or cannabinol. While more studies are required, here’s a quick overview of cannabinol.

Benefits at a glance

Selected studies have revealed that cannabinol may have a few health benefits for the body. This includes pain relief, promoting sleep, growth of bone cells, and stimulation of appetite. It is also known to be anti-inflammatory. Often, it is considered to be a natural sedative, which is why many people like to smoke cannabis at night to get sleep. It should be noted that CBN is not like THC in that context, because it doesn’t really cause the euphoria that we have come to associate with THC.

What else to know?

If using CBN seems like a good way to get sleep or other health benefits, you should be doing a tad more research before reaching out for cannabis. In dried flowers, the amount of CBN is extremely less compared to the THC contents. As such, for getting the benefits, you have to ensure that the product you choose has a higher content of CBN. With that said, CBN works better than THC as far inducing sleep is concerned, and you don’t need a strong dose. It is also important to understand that CBN is formed when THC oxidizes. So, if you are looking for more CBN and less THC, you should be looking for cannabis that’s old and has been in store for a while.

Final word

There is no denying that CBN has the potential, although more research is required in all likeliness. However, a range of products that have high concentrations of this cannabinoid is available in the market already, and if you are interested, you should be looking at oils and tinctures. You can also find flowers on sale that have a high concentration of CBN, and more products are likely to be launched which has more of this compound than THC. Check online to find more on CBN and cannabis.