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Hermaphrodite Cannabis is either a natural or an artificial phenomenon. They do not produce a large number of flowers or buds, so growers find it less useful. In this blog, we will focus on the causes of hermaphrodism. Two main reasons for cannabis turning into a hermaphrodite is genetics and environmental stress.


Some species by default, have a tendency to turn into a hermaphrodite, which is uncontrollable. One example of such a marijuana plant is Thai Sativas.

Environmental Influence

When plants realize that they are not been provided suitable flowering conditions, they start adopting the traits of the opposite gender by growing male pollen particles and pollinate their female parts. Some important factors that impact them immensely are:

  • Changes in photoperiods

  • Very high temperature

  • Neglecting the harvest for too long

  • Damaged and destroyed plant parts

  • Over-fertilization

  • Change in pH levels

  • Injection of hormones wrongly

These might be the reasons most probably if you have multiple hermaphrodites growing in your garden. If the number is too small, genetic issues can be blamed.

How to Avoid Hermaphrodite Plants?

Considering the causes of the issue, you should try to maintain favorable conditions around the plants. Some of the steps which can be followed are – ensuring proper hygiene, checking them regularly for any sign of disease or infection, providing them with just enough moisture level, not waiting for too long before deciding to harvest etc.

Also, you should be careful while choosing the cannabis species which you want to grow because some of them are genetically programmed to get converted into a hermaphrodite. In case you feel, you don’t have the required knowledge, consult an expert for help who can guide you in identifying them correctly. It is believed that female cannabis seeds are more prone to hermaphrodism than regular ones.

How to Handle a Hermaphrodite Plant?

If you find that your plant has become a hermaphrodite at the end of the flowering stage, the best way to escape is to harvest as much as possible before the number starts increasing. Also, separate the seeds from the remaining cannabis to avoid wastage. But, if it’s during the initial stages only, you have to eliminate them completely from the growing space otherwise it can pollinate the other crops unnecessarily which is definitely not acceptable.

Having said that, it is always wise to be very careful at the beginning and buy marijuana seeds from a trusted bank rather than struggling afterward to identify and remove hermaphrodite from your collection of growth plans. Thanks for reading!