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A lot of those who grow marijuana grow their plants outdoors. But, because of the short growing seasons in some climates, the cannabis plant cannot finish flowering. That is why growers have to do it indoors. However, this is not always necessary as growers can adopt techniques to force the plant to flower early to make it ready for harvest before freezing temperatures hit.

How Forcing Outdoor Cannabis Plants to Flower can Benefit Growers

Growers who force their plants to flower can avoid frost damage. This is a benefit that growers in the far north should gain because the time between the fall equinox and the first frost won’t let the plant reach full maturity. Forcing the plant to flower early allows growers to offer their plants enough time to mature before it is too cold for them to be outdoors.

Moreover, forcing the plant into the flowering stage can let growers increase their number of harvests per season. But, the plants forced to flower early won’t grow as big or produce as much as plants that are allowed to develop over several months. Growers in warmer climates can have rolling harvests, planting crops back-to-back and forcing each crop to flower early. This way, the difference in plant size will not affect their overall annual yield.

How to Force the Plant to Flower

The following are some methods to use when forcing outdoor cannabis plants to flower:

  • Picking the right strain. Growers should pick a strain that finishes fast. This includes Green Crack which takes as little as seven weeks to flower.

  • Covering the plant with a tarp. Growers must use poles and stakes to prop up the tarp to make sure it doesn’t damage the plant. The plant must get enough airflow under the tarp to prevent mold.

  • Using an automated roof. Usually, growers can do this by growing plants in a shed or similar structure. The grow area must be fitted with fans and ventilation to offer enough airflow when the roof is closed.

  • Moving plants indoors every day. This is an option for growers who are using growing containers. Growers must be prepared with fans for ventilation and a thermometer for ambient temperature monitoring.

  • Fertilizing the flowers. To force a quick harvest, growers must pollinate their cannabis plants. When fertilized, the plants will be ready to harvest in about a week. But, the flowers need to be producing seed pods before pollination occurs.