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Cannabis connoisseurs should consider a lot of factors when picking the best tasting strains. While some care most about the yield or ease of growing, others are concerned about the flavor. Flavor connoisseurs look for the strains that have the richest aromas and the most diverse flavor profile. If you are looking to grow the best tasting cannabis strains, keep reading to know your options:

What Impacts the Flavor in Cannabis?

The cannabis plant has hundreds of active compounds including the cannabinoids THC and CBD. Another compound is called terpenes. Terpenes are what offer the aroma and flavors in cannabis. Strains with terpenes have a skunky or lemony smell, a spicy feeling on the lips, or a piney aftertaste. Moreover, the cannabis plants also have flavonoids, which are mainly responsible for offering them different colors, scents, flavors, and scents.

The Best-Tasting Cannabis Strains

If you are after the flavor of a cannabis strain, the following are your best options:

  • Strawberry Cough. This strain’s dominant characteristic is the sweet smell of ripe strawberries, with a hint of vanilla underneath. Also, it has a bit of skunk that grounds the flavor and smell. This is an ideal strain for people who want a mellow, slow-acting high.

  • Blue Dream. This hybrid provides pine and spice hints to balance out its sweetness. Because it has lasting effects, it is perfect for both seasoned and inexperienced growers. This is the best strain for those who need a calm high with a clear mind.

  • Blueberry. The fruity notes of this strain offer users more subtle earthy and pine scents. It offers a euphoric and happy high.

  • Super Lemon Haze. This cannabis strain has flavor redolent of lemon candies. Its refreshing aroma is known to leave behind hints of pine and earthiness after the initial fruitiness has worn off.

  • Bubble Gum. This strain is perfect for people who like sweet, tropical strains. Its delicious smoke tastes like creamy berry-flavored candies and offers a fruity aftertaste. Because of its well-balanced and euphoric high combined with its pain-relieving effects, it is an ideal daytime smoke for people who have chronic headaches or muscle spasms.

  • Zkittlez. This fruity and tropical strain packs a strong flavor punch. Users will notice tangy and herbal notes underneath the initial sweet citrus profile.

  • Super Silver Haze. This aromatic dream can fill a room with whiffs of lemon. Also, this strain has some spicy floral notes underneath.