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A lot of cultivators grow marijuana indoors to control everything about the environment including the amount of light the plants get and the level of CO2 in the air they breathe. Temperature is an important factor in the growth and health of cannabis plants. It impacts everything from how quickly seeds germinate to how well the finished products cure. Read to know more about why growers must consider temperature when growing cannabis plants:

How Temperature Affects the Growth of a Marijuana Plant

Cannabis plants depend on external sources of heat to stay warm. They use a combination of external heat and evapotranspiration to regulate internal temperatures. Growers should know that although the plants can survive within a big temperature range, they require a narrower temperature range to thrive.

When cannabis plants get too warm, they cannot photosynthesize efficiently. They will have reduced enzyme activity and produce fewer proteins. Without the chance to cool down, they will die eventually. Also, excessively cold temperatures can negatively affect their growth. The reason is that they cannot move the sugars they produce when they photosynthesize to where they must go if they are too cold.

Moreover, cannabis plants depend on exposure to the right indoor temperatures to facilitate optimal respiration levels. A drop in temperature reduces respiration, letting plants expend less energy. Although the plants can benefit from periodic exposure to lower-than-normal temperatures, they will require more energy to keep themselves alive when the temperature rises again. As the plants begin to expend the majority of their energy on respiration, they have little left they can use for growth.

Common Concerns for Outdoor Growers

Outdoor growers should look for ways to keep their plants warm, particularly at the start of the season when temperatures can still fall to well below the optimal range at night. Fortunately, strains bred for outdoor growers are often hardier. They are known to endure temperatures as low as 50 degrees F; however, prolonged exposure to cold temperatures can still slow growth and prohibit optimal photosynthesis.

Picking the Right Seeds

The majority of outdoor marijuana growers in cool climates buy seeds specifically meant for cold weather growing. Although hybrids are hardier than pure Indicas or Sativas, an Indica strain like Northern Lights can thrive in cooler temperatures. Hybrids such as White Widow, Northern Critical, Silver Haze, and Blue Cheese are popular with growers in cooler climates. There are other strains growers can try, but these four hybrids offer a good place to start.