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Are you interested in getting a great yield of cannabis plants? If that is the case, you should learn more about some of the most interesting facts of this really popular living creation. If you think you are already aware of them, think again!

Check this out:

  • Do you know that your urine can be used as the fertilizer? That is right and it is even high in nitrogen. This is one of the most important nutrients that cannabis plants need. However, you should not just use your undiluted urine directly to the plants. Instead, you should blend it with about a gallon of water first.

  • They can grow just about anywhere. This is really good news, especially that sometimes, you need to hide them or you will have to answer to the authorities. You can have them indoors or outdoors and you can just use any medium for that matter.

  • If you think that weed cultivation is just done recently, that is where you are wrong. Marijuana has been grown for so many years now way back 6,000 BC. So it is not surprising that there are now endless tips about this.

  • Good news is that marijuana can be cultivated by just using fish wastes. We all know that just like most living things, fishes are excreting wastes as well. However, they don’t really affect humans in any way. However, with the advent of aquaponics which is a combination of aquafarming and hydroponics, the wastes of fishes are becoming useful especially in the marijuana cultivation. This is done by using the water from a fish tank. The wastes of the fishes will be turned into nitrates with the help of some bacteria.

  • Alzheimer’s can be impeded by cannabis. Such great news indeed and this is so true and this is such a breakthrough. This disease has been such a huge problem by the elderlies and it is such refreshing that there is now a way to ward this off. At least those who are weary they end up with this disease has now a hope.

There are still so many things you might want to know about cannabis. This wondrous plant is indeed worth your time. So before you start farming this on your property, be sure you already have a thorough knowledge about cannabis so the task will be more meaningful and your harvest will be of more quality.