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For cannabis growers, the options for strains are almost endless. There are different types of them and sometimes, you can even find something depending on what you need. There are also those that are just right for your location and so on.

One type of strains that are most preferred though is what they call the hybrids. So what are hybrid strains?

First of all, there are 4 types of hybrids:

  • Sativa and Sativa

  • Indica and Indica

  • Sativa and Indica

  • Indica and Sativa

There are also the auto-flowering hybrids

To create a hybrid, one will have to get something from both purebreds or from both hybrids as what is indicated above to make a new strain. Skunk is the first Indica and Sativa hybrid. Most of the time, hybrids are from Sativa and Indica. This will give the breeders determine the effect of the hybrid they want. There are those that will prefer Indica dominant or Sativa dominant. Depending on what you are looking for like maybe if you are seeking cerebral creativity and so on.

Note that not all hybrids are equally created. Here are some of the most common traits of hybrids:


Just as what the term suggests, the strain is just a clone. It means that the strain is completely identical to the mother plant. Whatever are the characteristics of the mother plants, the clone will also have them. This does not mean though that the end result will be as healthy as this will still be based on how you will take care of it.

Stable seed

When the breeder will select both male and female plants, they will be bred a number of times so that a more stabilized specific attributes will be achieved. When that happens, the final results will surface every time such seeds are cultivated.

Unstable seed

Compared to the stable seed strains, unstable seed strains are easily produced. As a matter of fact, in terms of features, they are all over the map. However, you can hardly find seed banks that sell this.

It is indeed great if you will use a hybrid strain to cultivate as they are more superior compared to the other types of strains. Nevertheless, the result of the harvest will still greatly base on how you take care of your plants. The strains and some other factor can just assist.