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If you just discovered that growing marijuana can help you in a lot of ways, you can easily do so by checking online tips. Most of them are really detailed you can get the yield you want. Just make sure though that you check a number of tips as some of them might be less effective.

That is right especially that there are different ways of farming marijuana in which one of them is by using clones. Instead of buying seeds from a reputable seed bank, you can just clone which is what most cannabis farmers are doing.

Why is cloning more preferred?

1. Targeting the strain you want

Though you might also be able to buy the exact seed for the strain you want, cloning will not only save you a lot of time as you will plant a seedling and not the seed, it is also more affordable. The reason is you don’t need to buy the seed anymore.

2. High-quality parent plant

You can’t really tell if the seed you buy will yield the quality of marijuana plant you target. However, that will not be the case as if you will make sure you have great parent plant, then most likely, you will also have high-quality clones. Some of the things you can expect from cloning are less time in growing, less demanding and it can fend against pests and molds naturally.

3. Fast harvest in pot growing

As what is mentioned above, when you use clones to cultivate a marijuana plant, the time spent will be less since you skip the germination process. What you will plant are the cuttings and not the seeds. You only need to ensure that the cuttings have their roots already and you can then transplant them in another medium.

Yes, some farmers complain of having harvested low-quality cannabis plants. Actually, there is no right or wrong strain as almost all of them have their own pros and cons same way that clones and seeds have also their own pros and cons.

Yes, it is all about how you cultivate the cannabis. Cloning might be more advantageous in some ways but using seeds can be advantageous in some ways as well. The bottom line is it is not about what method you use but it is all about how you take care of your plants.