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Marijuana lovers keep exploring the new range of variety for a better experience. If you’re one of those cannabis enthusiasts, then this guide about the 3 newer weed strains is just the right thing for you. Have a look!

1. The Sensi Weed Strain

Sensi is a very old indica based cannabis plant that has started getting popular these days. It’s a profound variety that caters to some of the highest amounts of THC with less than 0.1% CBD. Precisely, this one kicks in really quickly and offers a stunning Euphoric feeling. Two of its best variants include the following.

The Sensi #32 Strain

A cross between Silver Haze and Fire OG, this sensi strain has a characteristic spicy scent. It has about 15-20% THC.

The Sensi #140 Strain

A cross between Chocolope and Hindu Kush, this sensi strain has a super creamy and sweet taste that has a chocolaty flavor. It has about 15-19% THC.

In fact, it’s one of those rare strains that has a calming effect alongside giving you a stunning high Euphoric feeling.

A few other Sensi strains that you might want to try are as follows.

  • Sensi #11

  • Sensi #119 Auto

  • Sensi #219 Auto

2. Three Blue Kings

A cross between Blue Dreams and Three Kings, this stunning flavorful weed hybrid has an exclusive fruity aroma. It offers an amazing euphoric high due to its high level of THC, 24%.

  • It has a lemony citrus fragrance.

  • Its high easily lasts for many hours.

Some of its superb effects other than euphoria are as follows.

  • It has a calming effect that’s good for anxiety.

  • It is reportedly a stress buster that can easily uplift your mood.

3. The CBD Glue Tide

Whilst THC strains are quite popular, but many, many weed lovers enjoy the calmness that Sativa dominant species offer. And the CBD glue Tide is an absolute sativa king.

This stunning sativa dominant strain is a cross between Sour Tsunami, Cannatonic, AC/DC, and good medicine, punched with 87.6% glue.

  • It has a fruity aroma

  • Its CBD/THC ratio is 3:1

A couple of other strains that you might enjoy as well include the following.

  • The Northern Light Weed Strain – It is a 100% indica based strain with 18% THC.

  • The Sweet ZZ Strain – It is an 80% Indica and 20% CBD variety with 22% THC

All in all, all the above listed newer weed strains are the absolute kickers that you must try at least once.