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Anyone who’s been into marijuana cultivation is well aware of the disappointment that comes the way when the yield isn’t as productive as expected. Other than factors like sunlight and moisture control, there is yet another factor that determines the yield, that is, genetics of the marijuana crops.

There are many kinds of marijuana seed strains – some are Indica dominant and some are Sativa dominant – and all have different germination capacities. If you’ve been looking out for seed strains with most productive marijuana genetics, then the guide below will be very beneficial.

1. Royal Moby

This marijuana strain is of Spanish origin and contains about 21% of THC. It is considered ideal for indoor cultivation as well as outdoor cultivation. One plant from this seed can easily produce 75 grams of yield even in unfavorable conditions. However, when grown in a naturally warm climate as that of Spain, this strain can also produce an ideal yield of 1000 gram/plant.

2. Skunx XL

This marijuana strain contains about 17% THC and basically offers 65-70 grams of yield/plant in indoor cultivation and about 600 grams of yield/plant in outdoor cultivation. Besides, it’s best known for its fruity taste and highly atomic scent. One of the best things about this strain is that it requires very little maintenance.

3. Super Critical

With a spectacular taste and a shorter flowering time, this marijuana strain contains about 18% THC and it is 40% Sativa and 60% indica. Within a flowering time of just 7 weeks, it produces a spectacular yield of 65-75 grams/plant.

Also, this strain is one of the best options for beginner cultivators since it requires lesser maintenance and flowers quickly.

4. Bubble Kush

An indica-dominant hybrid developed by crossing OG Kush with flavors of Bubble gum, this high-quality marijuana strain is able to deliver 550-600 grams of yield/plant. This amount can further increase to 650 grams/plant if the crop grows to be any taller than 200 cm. Some of its highlight features you should be aware of include the following.

  • It is 90% indica and just 10% Sativa.
  • It contains about 18% of pure THC.
  • It reduces stress and gives an ecstatic high.

5. Northern Light Auto

This marijuana strain is as interesting as its name. It is an indica-dominant variety that can produce about 90 grams of yield/plant. It has a wonderful sweet taste that lingers for long when smoked. Also, it contains about 14% THC.