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Cannabis or marijuana, more often also called weed or bud in pop culture as opposed to pessimistic points of views, actually has health benefits. The amazing advantages of cannabis continue blowing and changing lives all over the globe. If you have been looking for more reasons to consume cannabis besides the ‘feel high’ aspect, look no further.

1. Medicinal Properties
You may have heard of marijuana reducing anxiety and depression, but its benefits also include improving function of lungs for nicotine addicts and non-smokers, preventing epilepsy, relaxing post-traumatic stress disorder and stopping their nightmares, slowing down Alzheimer’s, easing the tremors of Parkinson’s, and many more.

2. Increases Metabolism
Pot smokers are more likely to be thin (unless you eat way more afterwards), and it is proven that these people are not likely to be the ones who are extremely fat as their body absorbs nutrients faster than a normal person.

3. Enhances Creativity
Most of you have heard of the jokes of weed from spilling philosophy to losing inhibitions, but marijuana has been proven to enhance linguistic fluency and creativity as well as improvement in thinking divergently (terms someone can come up with when they’re probably high).

4. Better Physical Performance
Yes, it is true. Both Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps are known to smoke weed to relax, and the reason is actually because it improves athletic attributes such as pain recovery and muscle endurance.

5. Kills Cancer Cells
With a lot of conspiracy theories floating around that governments won’t fully legalize marijuana since it can cure cancer sounds controversial. However, cannabis has been scientifically proven to stop growth of cancer cells in lab, which proves that it may help stop cancer.

6. Safer Than Drinking Alcohol
Alcohol will get you drunk with a massive hangover the next morning and then eventually spoil your liver and kill you. Weed does nothing, but makes you hungry and improves your mood.

7. Helps Give Up Heroin
With a dangerous drug like heroin, which is known to be extremely harmful, weed is known to make former junkies sleep better and more relaxed as weed became a better alternative to heroin.

There is no evidence so far that anyone has died of smoking pot. Now that you know these unexpected benefits of cannabis, spread across the word so that there are more votes in favor of its legalization.