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Outdoor cultivation of cannabis seems pretty easy. But, there are a number of factors that can affect the yield, the taste of the weed, and its overall quality. Thus, outdoor cultivation of weed is, after all, a matter of knowledge alongside skills. The first thing that’s elemental when it comes to growing marijuana outdoors is the amount of sun exposure it needs.

Remember, marijuana as seeds require different amounts of light as it does when it grows up to be a plant. And the amount of sunlight depends upon the latitude as well as the altitude of the garden. On a general note, Cannabis yield is better in areas with naturally sunny weather. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot cultivate it in cold climate – you’ll just have to invest more than double the effort that is needed in a naturally warm climate.

Now comes the actual guide on, When is the best date to plant marijuana outdoors?

Season For Preparation

You can either buy seeds that can be directly sown in the ground. Or, you can also prepare your seeds for germination before spring arrives.

Begin At Spring

Wherever you live, according to the calendar, the best time marijuana will grow taller and healthier begins at spring and continues until mid-summer. So, no matter spring arrives in March or September, you have to follow the season and not the month. Some tips that’ll help your plant grow and flourish include the following must-know ones.

  • Plant the crops in an area that receives about 3-4 hours of direct sunlight. Remember, buds require sunlight to grow taller.
  • The area should be such that it’s easy to irrigate in case you experience a dry summer season.
  • Make sure that the spot you choose does not receive more than 6 hours of direct sunlight. The plants need shelter too.

Another thing that’ll help in increasing the yield is germinating the seeds before seeping them inside the ground. It’s more beneficial because;

  • Not all seeds will germinate. So, it’s better to germinate them first and when they start growing, then sow them in the soil.
  • It’s best to first transfer the germinated plants in a pot. Smaller plants can be easily damaged. Once they become stronger and bigger, you can plant them in the outside garden.

Wait For 5 Months

Let your cannabis plants grow for 4-5 months after sowing them in spring. This much amount of time is necessary to ensure they grow to their maximum potential. A few things to take care of during the entire growth span include the following.

  • Keep removing male plants.
  • Irrigate only after the soil gets dry.
  • Make sure to use fertilizers after 4-5 weeks of germination.
  • Ensure there’s no standing water.