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Alternate Method for Consuming Marijuana

People smoke Marijuana buds smoker for recreational purposes. But if for some reason like asthma, a person is not able to consume the smoke of Marijuana then it is better to use the tincture of Marijuana for consumption. This tincture prepared form Marijuana is used in many edible items. Baked items can have the tincture and thus the people can avoid smoking by just consuming this.

Marijuana Tincture Can Be Consumed

THC and CBD of the plant can be extracted to make a tincture which can be stored for a long time. There are examples of storing this liquid for about a year also. This has to be stored in a brown glass to be protected from light. If it is stored in a cool place then it may be fresh for more time. The tincture can be consumed by mixing with any fruit juice or with curds. Some baking recipes also can be tried by adding this tincture. The amount used for baking recipes can be decided by just experience.

Tincture Used For Bakery Items

When the Marijuana tincture is used in the baked goods there are chances of the recipes not mixed properly. When we consume such products some of the pieces of the cookies or cakes may make us to go high. So it is very necessary to mix the dough or batter uniformly for the even distribution of the tincture.

How to Make Marijuana Tincture?:

  • For making the tincture an ordinary blender can be used. Marijuana can be grinded finely in the grinder.
  • The oven has to be preheated and boil the grinded extract in this over for 45 mins.
  • Remove the extract from the oven and cool it for half an hour.
  • Add about seventy percent of grain spirit to this extract and mix it properly.
  • There is a change in colour and it turns into green colour by next two days.
  • For the next two days THC is in the solution.
  • Using a cloth it is better to filter the solution.
  • This solution is precious and is stored in brown bottles.
  • This solution can be stored away from light and in a cool place for more shelf life.

Smoking may be allergic to some people. For such people this tincture is good for consumption. There are many people who are using this tincture for different purposes. Buying this tincture may be costly and may not be much effective. Getting our own solutions is having good effects and is pure.