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American cannabis sales touch the sky and beyond

In Colorado alone, the cannabis leader in America, sales brought record revenues of $117 million last month, the third time the $100 million mark was crossed. We mean the legal cannabis program. More than 75% of that money came from adult use of cannabis, which means recreational sales. In December 2015, sales of recreational dope brought $62.2 million.

Colorado State is apparently doing well with $5.5 million collected as excise duties in a month! In four months, the state gathered about $57 million in the medical and recreational cannabis culture combined. Yet April turned out to be quite extraordinary! Earlier the record for single day sales was set in September 2015 with $6.1 million. Now on April 20 came sales of $7.3 million in the retail business. The week before April 20 brought in $34 million in retail sale.

Do the figures indicate that many more adults are taking to recreational dope or are they quitting the smuggler’s market since the stuff is now available legally? Nobody really knows, but maybe it is a combination of both. All that is certain is that Colorado and dope are doing fine together and the way forward is the way upward. Cannabis enthusiasts are proved to be the sharing, generous crowd that belongs to a unique culture across the world.

Microsoft and the marijuana business

The media often shocks and Microsoft joining the marijuana trade is thus no surprise. The problem about marijuana is that the American Federal authorities still consider it illegal and so the discrepancy. California based Kind Financial, a startup, is the Microsoft partner and they intend to provide information to would be marijuana entrepreneurs from ‘seed to sale.’

What exactly does that mean? Kind has been dispensing marijuana software lessons for three years now and they will commence work in Microsoft’s government cloud. ‘Agrisoft Seed to Sale’ is the Kind software that would connect marijuana businesses, regulations and finances.

What about legal problems? Microsoft need hardly worry because they are based in Washington where marijuana is quite legal and nobody will hassle them. Microsoft in an email informed the BBC that they wished to help government customers and partners to realize their goals with controlled substances.

The inescapable conclusion is that cannabis is here to stay as more and more American states and countries liberalize laws. Business is taking off not only to grow and sell cannabis, but to provide medicines, edibles and infused drinks. Attitudes need to change, particularly for medical dope though we could do without the highs.