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Arjan – the King of Cannabis Commitment to Conserve the Genetic

If you’ve been in the cannabis business, be it cultivation or sales, you’d have surely heard about Arjan, who is regarded as the King of Cannabis. And, if you’ve just entered the world of cannabis, you ought to know about this successful cannabis businessman. Arjan, the founder and owner of several cannabis businesses like Green House Seed Company, Green House Coffeeshops, and Strain Hunters, is the only marijuana breeder in the world to have won around 39 high times cannabis cups.

Awards and Accolades

There’s nothing to be surprised that this cannabis world leader has won such an amazing record of prizes all through his career, thanks to his commitment to create class-leading cannabis genetics in the world. All through his business life, he has ensured that the cultivators select the best genetics depending on key factors like logistics, location, and personal knowledge.

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The Vision to Encourage the Marijuana Culture

Crowned the King of Cannabis in the 1990s, his vision for the concept was to achieve marijuana normalization around the globe, and to encourage positive marijuana culture to the conventional media. He very well understood that he had to provide something really unique in order to accomplish his vision.

The Saga Continues…

Arjan didn’t stop after he earned reputation and fame around the world, but rather his mission is still on and he’s been continuing collecting landraces and genetics from across the world. His hunt for the best genetics has been rewarded continuously as a result of his efforts in several years of intensive breeding. All the strains offered by his businesses have exceptional recreational as well as medicinal properties in addition to possessing specific terpene profiles that assure unique flavors and aromas.

Video Tutorials

The King of Cannabis has always made efforts to pass on his knowledge to other cultivators and breeders. He was the first cannabis cultivator in the world to teach other growers how to cultivate marijuana strains from clone till harvest through YouTube videos along with Franco. His Green House Grow Videos are very popular online among the cannabis growers. He also released a Strain Hunters Documentary series, educating people how important cannabis is to poor farmers in many developing nations.

A Leading Cannabis Supplier in Europe

With all his hard work, Arjan has today set up a vast empire of marijuana businesses, with four marijuana coffeeshops, an award winning marijuana documentary film company, the most successful marijuana seed bank in the world, a foundation, a popular nutrients company, and many other marijuana businesses. He is the first cannabis businessman to have been features on the “Drugs Inc.” and the episodes of National Geographic channel. With all that he has established and achieved in the weed world, he is regarded as one of the very important names in the marijuana industry.

Arjan, the King of Cannabis persists to remain at the forefront of marijuana legalization across the globe.