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Marijuana agriculture is not easy as one to three. There are many factors to consider when growing a marijuana plant. The humidity, temperature, sun exposure, type of soil, and proper management are all necessary for a marijuana plant to grow tall and strong. When engaging in this type of venture, one should be equipped with a full-blown knowledge to decrease the chances of plant wastage.

It is perhaps important that a trained agriculturist should be hired when dealing with this type of plant since during the pre-flowering stage of marijuana plant; one should recognize how to properly separate a female from the male type to decrease the risks of pollination.

Marijuana plants can be used right away after harvest but if you want the best quality, you should have it dried and cured first.

Check out some of the benefits of properly curing cannabis:

Increases Potency

THCA, as well as other cannabinoids, are some of the components found in cannabis plants. Through the process of biosynthesis, some compounds are slowly transformed to form new blends. One example of that is the THCA becoming the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis, THC. This ongoing process can still go on even if you cut the plant and because of that, the buds of the plant will earn more potency. But this is not automatic of course. This will only happen if the newly harvested cannabis will be stored at an appropriate temperature. However, if your harvested cannabis will quickly dry, the process will be aborted.

Affects Flavour and Grade of Smoke

When your freshly harvested cannabis will be cured properly, you can expect the aromatic compounds which are called terpenes will be preserved. At the same time, the process will also eradicate the presence of sugars and other leftover minerals that are the reasons why you experience throat-burning sensation when the cannabis is not properly cured.

Preserves the Cannabis

Through proper curing, you can safely store your cannabis even up to two years from harvest. There will be no need to worry about mold development or cannabinoid content loss will occur.

As they say, if we want something so bad, we have to work patiently on it. This can be applied when growing marijuana or what is also known as cannabis. You may still use the harvest if you omit this stage but the effect won’t be the same.