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If you have been suffering from chronic arthritis pain, you have probably explored a lot of possible treatments for your condition. One of the popular options you may have thought about is cannabidiol or CBD. This compound, together with delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other chemicals, is found in marijuana. However, unlike THC, CBD does not produce psychoactive effects.

Chronic arthritis comes with debilitating symptoms such as pain, stiffness, and reduced movement within the joints that can be serious and worsen over time. And this condition can be especially challenging when you have to contend with other medical issues that coexist with arthritis such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. While some medications and treatment programs can help relieve these effects, a lot of people are still looking for a more natural pain relief option. This makes CBD oil popular.

How Cannabis Oil Works for Arthritis

CBD is extracted from cannabis plants and diluted further with a carrier oil, producing CBD oil. CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties that naturally alleviate chronic pain and inflammation. Arthritis sufferers can cause CBD oil as an alternative to prescription medicines.

To produce the desired effects, CBD attaches themselves to some body receptors (CB1 and CB2). These receptors are found all over the body, but they are abundant in the brain. The CB1 receptors are responsible for pain, coordination, emotion, memories, movement, mood, appetite, and thinking. CB2 is mostly found in the immune system, affecting pain and inflammation. CBD influences the body so it could use more of its cannabinoids. As the body has its own cannabinoids in the endocannabinoid system, CBD oil and other products provide the system with support in a natural and safe way.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

What makes marijuana illegal in some states is its THC content. And since CBD oil is composed only of CBD, it does not create the same effect that a user normally gets when inhaling, smoking, or ingesting marijuana. Plus, some CBD oils are obtained from hemp, which is the cannabis plant’s fiber.

Product Options

There are various product options in terms of CBD oils. These include CBD oil in its more potent version, CBD oil topical solutions, CBD oil tinctures, and CBD oil capsules. Topical solutions allow users to use the products in a more targeted area. Tinctures are alcohol-based cannabis extracts that can be ingested orally while capsules contain CBD oil in a powdered form.