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The federal government in United States is presently in the process of growing a lot more cannabis compared to what it was doing in the past as it hopes increased demand in near future from researchers for CBD or cannabidiol, which a non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana that has also shown a lot of promise for medicinal use. Cannabinoid

The National Institute on Drug Abuse recently stated that it is presently growing cannabis with different concentration of THC and CBD.

THC stands for psychoactive ingredient, which also produces high sensation and is used along with cannabidiol in medical marijuana and medical research. It is this government agency that looks after production, cultivation and distribution of marijuana intended for research on behalf of the government of United States.

NIDA stated that they are only targeting concentrations low in CBD, high CBD and equal concentrations of 50/50 CBD/THC. They will get to know the final concentration of THC/CBD post harvesting of marijuana when they do so in the coming fall. Earlier in this year the feds urged for a big increase in their production of marijuana quota, which is now over 1,000 pounds. Originally this was planned for 46 pounds, mainly to be used for medicinal purposed, and the DEA or Drug Enforcement Administration ratified this increase in cannabis mainly for research related purposes.

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NIDA also feels that the underlying reason behind the projection of hiked demand of marijuana is partly because of the recent increased popularity of cannabis in terms of their therapeutic benefits. The fed body also stated that they already have in store different THC content in its inventory but if upcoming or present research needs marijuana with custom levels of CBD and THC and if there is no availability of such strains they will be needed to be grown.

NIDA also stated that as it takes some time to cultivate and grow marijuana the fed body needs to predict the future research interest for getting customized order after the researchers have obtained all the needed approvals from different federal agencies that are involved.

Recently Charlotte’s Web, strain cannabis that is low in THC and high in CBD, was used very effectively for treating epilepsy in younger children. One of the researching bodies also suggest that CBD might also be effective in reduction in inflammation that is usually brought on by diseases like multiple sclerosis, killing cells that are cancerous in people suffering with leukemia, stopping growth of metastasis in different types of aggressive cancer and also serving as one of the alternative antipsychotic treatments.